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Speakers: Pouch Makers Must Be Proactive on End-of-Life Issues

By Jim Johnson

- Published on June 29, 2015 by Plastics News

When it comes to their end of life, pouches essentially have nowhere to go except for the trash in most circumstances. Or they become pollution.

“You guys have a litter problem, let’s face it,” said Victor Bell, president of Environmental Packaging International of Jamestown, R.I., at the recent Global Pouch Forum in Miami.

And without efforts to find ways to recapture used pouches on a wide scale, the industry will face problems, Bell and fellow environmental consultant Betsy Dorn told the crowd.

“The pouch might have been under the radar when there were just a few products in the marketplace, but now that many more products are in pouches, you are going to be looked at as a major cause of this problem and you are going to be expected to do something about it,” said Dorn, director for consulting at Reclay StewardEdge Inc.

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