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“The main conceptual challenge in tackling plastic waste in the ocean is in “breaking” the common perception that it appeared there in the first place because of improper waste management practices.  Emphasis for any successful strategy should actually be aimed at preventative measures.  The Plastic Disclosure Project is globally important and a very unique initiative that proposes to do just that by engaging private and public sector entities to measure and disclosure their plastic footprint as a basis for formulating plastic management strategies.  This knowledge of metrics, on both use and waste creation, is the first essential step to drive plastic reduction by any organization, event, product or a person.  If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  The global success of carbon footprint initiatives to drive carbon mitigation strategies and plans is an indication of the large potential that the Plastic Disclosure Project offers.”

- Dr. Lev Neretin, PhD, Programme Officer, GEF STAP – Global Environmental Facility, Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, Secretariat

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