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Plastic Free Outrigger Races in Hawaii

Hawaii, USA

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pacific Wahine is a team of Hawaii-based women paddlers who compete at an extremely high level who are focused on sustainability and positive social interaction. They share an interest - reducing plastic waste. The girls have formed a relationship with the Ocean Recovery Alliance, and other ocean based programmes, desinged to improve our waters an world.

The girls want to ensure that their 'plastic footprint' and those of the people who attend the races are reduced. This has meant discussions with race organizers and the outrigger community, to make the sporting events more susatinable and environmentally friendly. After all, these women spend their lives and jobs on the open water so it's health is key to their happiness.

Read the full article by Ron Mizutani and get more information on the Pacific Wahine team here...

Or visit their facebook page!

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