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UNEP FI Webinar


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WEBINAR:  How Transparency in Plastic Use can Benefit Companies and Investors

Webinar | 4 October, 10:00 AM CET and 4:00 PM CET 

The Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) seeks to help businesses improve their efficiency while reducing their environmental impact through measuring and managing their "plastic footprint."  In the coming months, the PDP will be inviting organizations from around the world to submit disclosure reports, increasing transparency in reporting standards to the benefit of the UNEP FI community. 

Attendees to this webinar will learn about the build-up of plastic in our environment, the Plastic Disclosure Project's innovative way of working with companies and investors to bring about sustainable change, and on how transparency in reporting on plastic can bring value to the investment management community.  We will seek to answer:

  • Why should we be concerned about plastic?

  • Why should organisations start measuring and disclosing their "plastic footprint"?

  • How can the investment community get involved, and what value will it bring?


Doug Woodring - Co-founder, Plastic Disclosure Project

See a recent article on the topic in Sustainable Brands.

Register  - This event is free.  To register click HERE or contact

It will be hosted twice on Thursday 4th October 2012. 

The first session is intended for participants in Asia and Europe: 
- 6pm Sydney 
- 4pm Hong Kong 
- 10am Brussels/Frankfurt 
- 9am London 

The second session is intended for participants in Europe and Americas: 
- 10pm Hong Kong 
- 4pm Brussels/Frankfurt 
- 3pm London 
- 11am Buenos Aires 
- 10am New York 
- 7am Los Angeles

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