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On behalf of the world's sustainable investment community, annual disclosure requests will be made to major plastic-using companies starting in 2011.  Companies will be asked to measure and disclose their plastic footprint, and answer questions related to their strategies for managing their plastic use in an environmentally friendly manner.  An annual report will be prepared that analyzes and reports on the information received from companies and other disclosers.  In addition to companies, universities, hospitals and local governments will be encouraged to participate.  The annual report will be made available to investors and other stakeholders, the disclosing organizations, and the general public.  Examples of solution providers and industry leaders will be highlighted on the PDP website.

All types of companies can participate in PDP, whether publically or privately held.  The main focus will be on companies in the consumer goods and technology sectors, as well as other service industries such as airlines and hotels that may use or sell plastic-intensive products on a relatively large scale.  The PDP will also encourage smaller companies to become involved, some of whom may have new solutions or best practices that could be applied on a larger scale.

Download the PDP Fact Sheet for further information.


In addition to companies, other organizations can also join PDP -- commiting to measure and report their plastic footprint. and develop plastic management strategies that are environmentally friendly.

For more information on PDP, please contact:

For organizations that would like to participate in PDP including companies, universities, hospitals, local governments or other institutions, please contact

For asset owners, fund managers, non-profits and other stakeholders that would like to support the PDP by signing an endorsement letter or providing financial support, please contact:


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