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Stimulated by consumer sentiment, corporate commitments, anti-pollution regulation, access to funds and new business models, market demand for recycled plastic has moved from niche and "nice to have" to the new norm as the second-highest packaging trend for 2020. Supply channels for this pent-up demand are far from adequate, but the starter’s gun has fired, signaling that recycled plastic has become a market category in its own right.

See the full article here in Greenbiz.

Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks to Douglas Woodring, Founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance about the environmental problems our ocean currently faces, and some of the major problems that could arise if not addressed soon. He also shares the steps his organisation has taken to amend the damage caused by sea pollution, which include the use of the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) for companies, municipalities and other institutions such as airports, hospitals, stadiums, and universities.

The interview was also in honor of "Skyscraper", the Whale, which was on exhibit for two months at the ArtScience Museum of Marina Bay Sands, which was organized by Ocean Recovery Alliance. The huge sculpture, standing over 11m tall, and made from plastic in the ocean, was made by StudioKCA in New York, and helps to draw awareness about our use and disposal of plastic material, asking "Have We Breached the Limit?"

BUILD Magazine Announces The Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2019 Winners, and we're happy to be given the Best NGO for Plastic Pollution Reduction Award! Part of this is also due to our Plastic Disclosure Program work, and your support for those of you who have participated.

Businesses the world over are looking for ways to become more sustainable or, at the very least, to reduce waste. Yet, with ever-rising populations comes an ever-growing problem. This year in particular has seen a laser focus on climate issues and the way we recycle and reuse materials. Perhaps, then, there’s no better time to shine a spotlight on the ground-breaking work that is done in the name of innovation in the recycling and waste management spheres. Here we have showcased just a few of the leading experts in this crucial industry.

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