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UNEP: Plastic waste incurs $13 billion in economic losses to marine ecosystems annually

By Staff of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

2014-06-24 21:08 文章来源:联合国电台

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由环境署支持,塑料披露项目(the PlasticDisclosure Project)和“真实成本”(Trucost)公司联合发布的《评估塑料的价值》报告发现,消费品行业的塑料使用每年消耗的自然资本达750亿美元。 原材料的提取和处理导致的温室气体排放消耗了超过30%的自然资本,但海洋污染是最大的下游成本。

In the first two reports of the United Nations Conference on the Environment on June 23 in Nairobi, information was released that pointed out that a large amount of plastic waste in the ocean is a growing threat to marine life, a conservative estimate of the annual economic losses caused to marine ecosystems was up to $ 13 billion.


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