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Plasticity to Provoke a 'Big Conversation'

By Plastics News

- Published on May 21, 2015 by Plastics News

Product manufacturers and brands have long recognized that plastic is one of the most effective and valuable materials in the market, due to its cost, durability and ability to be formed into so many shapes and sizes. However, as technology improves, and polymer varieties increase, including with nano-materials, so too does consumption, as well as complexity for recovery.

Some of these weighty issues will be discussed at the fourth annual Plasticity Forum, taking place June 8-9 in Cascais, Portugal. Billed as “a big conversation about the future of plastic,” Plasticity Portugal 2015 will build on last year’s successful conference in New York, and feature several high-level speakers, including Biddle, the American Chemistry Council’s Steve Russell and Dow Plastics’ Jeff Wooster.

The agenda also will feature discussions about some of the solutions and best practices that are making their way to the market and from which we can all benefit. I invite you to come join the conversation.


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