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Thousands of Volunteers Collect Plastic Trash in and Around Tonle Sap Lake

Siem Reap—An army of young volunteers took part in the 4-day Water Falling Festival Plastic Clean-Up in Siem Reap province during which more than 2,000 medium sacks of plastic waste were collected in and around Tonle Sap Lake. 

The 4-day effort, which started on Nov. 28 and ended Sunday, was held on the theme "Clean Community, Clean Tonle Sap, Without Plastic."

 “Water Falling Festival on the Tonle Sap lake is a campaign to push every individual in the communities around the Tonle Sap to be responsible for their plastic trash and reduce plastic [waste],” said Sea Sophal, director of the NGO2 Bamboo Shoot Foundation which is a co-founder of the event with Ocean Recovery Alliance.  


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