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Forum for Sustainable Enterprises (FSE)

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Established in 2016, FSE has been engaging with stakeholder groups to advance the objectives- Net Zero 2050, Circular Economy and UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The Forum carries forward the activities and legacy of the Asia Business Responsibility Council founded in 2012. FSEenvisions a world in which Enterprises Deliver Value through Regenerative Circular Economic Systems.

The team strives and directs its resources for Establishing and Operating Collaborative Platforms to Catalyze Business Action for Regenerative Circular Economic systems in the medium and long term and pursuing UNSDGs in the short and medium term,  FSE is the collaborating partner for the PDP in India, with the goal to advance the mission to reduce plastic pollution on land and water by creating strategic solutions which lead to long-term, hands-on engaging practices with the PDP’s founding organization, Ocean Recovery Alliance.

Sumantra Sen, Director, FSE says, “One of the challenges to entering circular economy is the absence of baseline analysis. The collaboration, therefore, is focused on promoting the PDP to businesses and municipalities, for a better understanding and management of their plastic footprint.”

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