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"With growing concern about the impact of non-biodegradable plastic on our environment, there can be little doubt that the PDP is both timely and warranted.  PDP's emphasis on voluntary disclosure of plastic footprints and plastic management strategies offers an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of plastic risks and opportunities.  It should also bring about positive actions by responsible investors, industry groups and companies."

- Ben Spruzen, Associate Directors, SIRIS, Australia

The Sustainable Investment Research Institute (SIRIS) is a dedicated, specialist research group, providing sustainability and governance investment research and investment product manufacture.

Whilst SIRIS’ research focuses on the Asia-Pacific Region with a team that includes dedicated Asian speaking analysts, through our international research partnerships, SIRIS is able to provide seamless global research solutions.

SIRIS’ research provides investors with analysis of critical aspects of operational and brand risk and emerging investment themes and opportunities.

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