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"Dalen is delighted to be a supporter of the PDP.  We feel that the PDP's innovative "plastic footprint' survey is an important vehicle to ensure that responsible organizations and consumers alike are thinking about how to reduce the millions of tonnes of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans every year."

- Sam Pickering, Managing Director, Dalen Strategies, London

Dalen Strategies Ltd provides a complete and comprehensive suite of sustainability services that is tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements. Our approach is constantly adapting to new regulation and innovative solutions, and is coupled with the pragmatic expertise that our professional team offers. Our experience of the built environment allows us to provide a bespoke solution to our clients’ organisations’ and associated properties. Our approach and solutions are enshrined in a desire to make sustainability commercially beneficial for our clients. This approach ensures that we provide a clear strategy to reduce resource dependence in a realistic and budget-driven solution.

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