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Trish is an accomplished leader across diverse areas (regulatory / services / manufacturing / distribution / packaging) and a business builder. She has significant experience and strengths in strategy, marketing, and sustainability, along with a dash of determination.  In 2016 as CEO of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), Trish led the Covenant co-regulatory framework and organisation back from the brink of oblivion, successfully negotiating the Enhanced Covenant, and setting the multi-ministerial and broad-membership endorsed 2022 APC Vision and Strategic Plan. 

Inspired by the power of the circular economy to create lasting economic, social and environmental sustainability, this year Trish established The Plastics Circle – a business driving innovation and commercial opportunities that put the circle into circular economies in Asia Pacific. Her work spans non-profit industry collaboration and education initiatives; scrap plastic second-life-market development; technology applied within market contexts and regulatory and stakeholder engagement.

With collaboration at the core, Trish works closely with Ocean Recovery Alliance - a non-profit global organisation committed to recovering our waterways by managing plastic. Trish is a director of Plasticity, the global business ted-talks-style networking conference fostering plastic sustainability in market. She is also an adviser to the Plastic Disclosure Project, the UN and World Bank sponsored plastic footprint measurement program.  Trish has over 15 years’ corporate leadership experience in complex multi-stakeholder and highly regulated environments. She holds a Masters in Commercial Law, another in Corporate Leadership, a Bachelor of Business, and is a qualified teacher.

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