By Rod Richardson, Doug Woodring, Scott Cassel

- Published on August 28, 2018 by GreenBiz

Much of the world has explored plastic bans, taxes, alternative materials or producer responsibility regulations, but little focus has been given to the potential financial incentives that can drive needed investment and make solutions cheaper, even profitable.

Fortunately, an innovative new class of free market solutions called Clean Tax Cuts, or CTCs, can directly drive up investment and also drive down that crucial cost barrier that has left the world with a large gap in recycling and material recovery capacity.

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By Doug Woodring

- Published on August 17, 2018 by Green Biz

Plastic recovery in its afterlife is an enormous challenge. For the many of us who are encouraging the reduction of plastic pollution, we must not shoot ourselves in the foot as we transition to better solutions, waiting for the "perfect" solution before making incremental changes — as thousands of solutions are needed.

We should learn to think broadly, be open to a wide variety of options to the problem and to also think in different time horizons. Some solutions can be taken now. Other innovations, such as step-changes in the materials we use, take time to develop. These need market and systems entry today, so that the full benefits can be felt in the future........

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By South China Morning Post

- Published on July 25, 2018 by Mark Agnew

The Cross-Continental Swim is one of the largest open water swimming events in the world. Up to 2,400 swimmers from 50 countries swim from the European to the Asian side of Istanbul. After 2017, Woodring gave the organisers a checklist he named the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP), which included headings like “can plastic items be replaced or substituted with something more sustainable”.

“They were very receptive,” he said. “They knew it was good for their brand and wouldn’t cost much.”

This year, they had made a number of changes including information on the side of bins and containers for rubbish shaped like bottles. If you picked up a plastic bottle, they organisers gave out hats.

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