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Samsung Cross Bosphorus Swim - the First in Turkey to Undertake PDP Sport

By Plastic Disclosure Project

- Published on July 16, 2018 by Plastic Disclosure Project

The Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim Race, organized by the Turkish Olympic Committee, is the first large scale global open water swim event, and Turkey's first sporting event in Turkey to have adopted the PDP Sport methodology for reducing plastic waste. PDP Sport is based on the Plastic Disclosure Project, which is a program for companies and institutions to measure their baseline use of plastic, how much they recover or recycle, or how much recycled content they use. Swimming and sports are a great conduit for creating broader public awareness and understanding about the importance and value of waste reduction, recycling, and waste-prevention management. With such a high-profile event as the Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim, the event is excited to be able to reach thousands of athletes, families and visitors to Turkey to share in the leadership and engagement in reducing plastic waste in order to improve the environment we all love to train, compete and recreate in.

PDP Sport was created by the NGO, Ocean Recovery Alliance, which does global work on plastic pollution reduction and creating solutions for companies, communities and events, so that we have a collectively reduced plastic footprint. PDP Sport provides guidelines to assist event organizers in planning for waste reduction and recycling programs, before the event has even taken place. This includes a checklist, and a scorecard to help evaluate progress towards certification as a PDP Sport event.


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