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    PARAGON COMMUNICATIONS is now proud to be a discloser of the PDP.  Paragon Communications, Inc., is one of the nation’s largest remanufacturers of enterprise and consumer electronics. Headquartered in Bolton, Massachusetts, PARAGON occupies a 300,000 square-foot campus stocked with an extensive inventory of recovered, refurbished, and remanufactured telecommunications equipment.  A partner of Avaya and Samsung, PARAGON and its companies draw on established relationships with original equipment manufacturers to offer clients flexible, scalable solutions.  An industry leader in terms of expertise and domestic job creation, PARAGON leverages in-depth product knowledge across its enterprises through PartSmart™, a proprietary system and innovative service-based approach to asset management.  For more information, please visit  

    LUSH COSMETICS, became PDP's first discloser, and a summary of their work can be found here for those who might like to learn from their experience:

    PDP's disclosure request questions will be sent annually to companies that are major users of plastic in their products, packaging and services.  The questions are also provided online on this website, and may be replied to throughout the year.  Universities, hospitals, local governments, sports associations, and other groups are also encouraged to participate.

    PDP's questions are designed to highlight the efforts made by companies and other organizations to measure their plastic footprint, and encourage the development of more active strategies to manage the environmental impact of plastic waste.

    Data collected by PDP from all disclosers will be compiled and analyzed for use in an annual report, documenting the progress being made in reducing the environmental impact of plastic use.

    Companies that are market leaders or solution providers will be offered the opportunity to highlight their activities on this website, providing an example for others to follow, and setting standards for best practice.


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